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We Stand For Women Empowerment

It is pretty obvious that there exists gender-based differences in our society and these can act as constraints to the development of any society. Therefore, we are really working hard to involve more and more girls from the rural areas to engage in the educational programmes. Various vocational training programs are also held from time to time to train them for their empowerment.

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We have impacted the life of a lot of local people by acting as facilitators for government schemes. We have also protected them from getting exploited against the child labour laws and labour migration, which is quite common in rural and remote areas.

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In order to fulfill our mission of providing quality education to the less privileged, we have been running a school. We are leaving no stones unturned to develop the over-all personality of the children. We are working on holistically developing the curriculum for the maximum benefits to the children. Expenses other than tuition fees are born by us to motivate the students to continue pursuing irrespective of their socio-economic conditions.



Being in the education sector for the last 19 years, we have impacted a lot of lives in the area. Some of our alumni are working at good places and others on their way of becoming great.

3000+ Students Educated
100+ Volunteers
15+ Educators

Covid-19 Relief

Amidst this lockdown, we have helped and impacted the life of around 1000 daily wage laborers and migrants. We have pooled the resources of the donors to provide them with food and other materials of basic necessities

5000+ Families Reached
5 Lakh Fund raised
1000+ Families helped

Charitism Campaign

We started a campaign to provide free grocery kits to daily wage laborers to get through the lockdown. With our online campaigns and generous donors, we have successfully distributed over 100 kits and are still working for providing more help

50+ Kits Distributed

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About us


Our Inspiration

  • Late Shri Kishor M. Barapatre
  • Late Sri Kishor M. Barapatre, the founder of Organization was an enlightened and public-spirited person. He left for heavenly adobe within six months of inception of the organisation but his presence is always felt like a guiding star.The organization owes to his inspiring influence from its inception. His positive outlook and desire to help others is something that will inspire anyone to believe that the life we are given is nothing short of miraculous.

    The organization owes to his inspiring influence from its inception. His positive outlook and desire to help others is something that will inspire anyone to believe that the life we are given is nothing short of miraculous.

    He has a vision that every child in rural areas should get a proper education. He had contributed for various social and ideological consciousness among the society.

    He has a dream that his demographic area should regain its rich heritage. Indeed his constant efforts helped us today in educating thousands of children. Today, this name resides in our hearts with utmost gratitude and respect.

    You will always remain our ideal and inspiration for the generation to come. We would keep following His words and ideas.

Who We Are

We are a registered non-profit organisation working in the education sector for the last 19 years. We have been working for providing support to the livelihood of the tribal people of the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra and educating their children. Under our umbrella, we have been running a school in the district to ensure free and quality education to these children.

Core Values

The distribution of resources in our society is unequal and unjust and education is a very powerful tool in reducing these inequalities. There is a saying, “Educate one who will lead the other ten.” It means that when we educate one, he/she will influence ten other positively. We, at JMES, believe in giving the unprivileged a chance to get proper education and stand on their feet. We want to address the gap between rural and urban education. We aim for the poor and less privileged to get access to quality education.

Our Vision

We are on a mission of educating every child in this tribal area. We believe that education is a very powerful tool which will felicitate better living conditions for these tribals. With the vision to expand our project, we wish to provide them with all the basic facilities so that their focus remains only on seeking knowledge. Apart from taking care of their needs, we strive to make them self-dependent so that they could take care of themselves.


Manisha Kishor Barapatre
Co-Founder & Secretary

Manisha is passionate about unlocking peoples potential to take the transformative action which will deliver impact for the society

Mrs. Rajni Umate


Shyam Ashok Bokade
Mentor & Social Entrepreneur

A meeting with Shyam will inspire you to go out there and do something for our community. He is proud to a mentor of Jankalyan Team with his vibrant culture of strong values, ethics, accountability, collaboration, entrepreneurism. He oversees the team delivering an impactful engaging solution to the organization whole also set the vision for organisation continual evolution and growth.

Sahil Gurucharan Chawla
Mentor , Entrepreneur , Innovator

Sahil is a strong believer of technology, Sahil endeavours to get the maximum number of people involved in a noble cause. With his expertise, reach , and influence, we have increasingly taken on the role of initiating networks and increasing the effectiveness of our policies. His perspective and patience always motivates us to do better.

CA. Pratik Dinkar Dharmik
Financial Advisor

Pratik comes with robust experience in the areas of accountancy, auditing, indirect taxation, legal matters. He has rich expertise in conceptualising and implementing new compliances, auditing, taxation, accounting solutions which have helped us improving operational efficiency and achieve higher cost saving.

Sanket Kishor Barapatre
Managing Director

Sanket is a firm believer in education as deliver of social and economic change. His personal purpose is to push boundaries and shift paradigms to create social change with the help of education. An energetic & engaging leader he has never been afraid to take the risk for the right reason. He loves working at the intersection of social impact, culture and techonologies.

Deepak N. Bokde
Head of Academics

Deepak looks for all the academic activities of the organisation.

Manvi Sharma
Head Content Writer

She believes in contributing towards humanity and society. She believes in creativity and her skills she desires to give back to society while simultaneously cultivating competence. She strongly believes that holistic education is the driving force for the betterment of society.

Khushi Kabra
Project Manager

Khushi believes that India’s development is mainly hindered by the lack of education especially in the rural parts of our nation. She believes that education is the key towards the development of any country as it helps our young youth to realise their potential and give their best contribution towards a prospering and a developed nation. Having experience in the field of management she has come up with a project to increase rural education.

Ritika Kandoi
Project Manager

Ritika has a great deal of compassion towards solving the social issues and wishes to empower and liberate people to enhance their independence and happiness. Literacy and education for everyone in the society is what she aims for and is never holding herself back when it comes to serving the society. Being a management student, she has devised and managed plans that will aid in solving society's problems. She is an idealistic woman.

Anushree Patil
Project Manager-Web Development Domain

Anushree is captain of our web development team. A brilliant mind, an ability to learn on the go, great team mentor . She always accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new & different projects . She has the capacity to stick to a problems occurred in any web development project long enough to come up with impeccable solutions.

Pratham Kabra
Project Manager

Pratham has always felt that problems in the society are influenced and defined by the beliefs, values, policies and laws of the society. He always wants education to be a priority and thinks that it has the potential to impact development stages for children and adolescents. Having an upperhand in the field of management, he has come up with projects that will enhance the education sector in the rural areas.

Pranav Majithia
Project Manager

Pranav has always believed in spreading love and happiness. He feels that every child has an equal right to education and opportunity. He aims to work with like minded people by creating and implementing new age technology in a way that can reframe global development .He has contributed towards this goal by creating and implementing a project which aims towards education of children in rural areas.

Varun Ajay Joshi
HR manager

Varun is an aspiring HR leader. His purpose is to use best practices and policies to unlock the real potential of people and bring in a constructive change and inclination among youths for social service with a vision to bring in both transformative as well as enriching modifications in society through education..

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